run an expost mail centre

Running a franchised mailbox business from home

in just 4 hours a day, from home

...with no expensive high-street premises, stock or staffing costs

An expost mail centre,  even in the busiest of city locations,  can be managed easily by a single owner operator,  working a maximum of 20 hours per week in year one,  with dedicated workspace of around 200 square feet. . .   about the same as a small double bedroom or garage.

( read the franchise overview to find out how much space and time you would need to dedicate to the business )

Franchise business set up costs and cashflow

low cost & positive cashflow

...and a 100% return on your investment in the first year

The set-up cost of each territory is determined by its geographical location and demand as an address.   Ranging from a 'Local' territory like Cumbria,  which can cost as little as £6,000 plus VAT under our Capital Assistance programme,  to a 'Prime Plus' territory such as the City of London,  with an initial franchise fee of £23,200 plus VAT. . .   but both have a projected ROI of less than nine months!

( discover the value of any UK location in territories,  then review their revenue projections in financials )

Franchisee and customer support included with expost

we provide all of your sales...

and live support for your customers, seven days a week

Freeing you from the burden of these essential,  but labour intensive,  time consuming and costly functions means that you can concentrate on delivering the quality of service that our customers have come to expect. . .  and that will continue to drive our mutual business growth.

( to find out more,  browse the sales & support page and,  for the royalties payable,  see financials )

Franchise payment systems included

instant on-line payments

...with real time management reports & accounts

We provide central merchant facilities for all major debit or credit cards and Paypal,  allowing your Mail Centre revenues to be reconciled in real time,  transferred directly into your bank at the end of each month and giving you access to real time management accounts.

( read our financials section for more about payment reconciliation )

Simple, profitable home business opportunity

you supply the postal address

...then physically process & manage your customers' mail

Your premises,  and the address from which you operate your Mail Centre is,  of course,  of crucial importance.   No special skills are necessary because ProPost,  our purpose built software,  makes the day-to-day job of managing your customers' mail simple & straightforward.

( find out the skills and facilities you will need to bring to the running of a successful mail centre in franchise overview )

A home business for female franchisees

perfect for female franchisees

with none of the risks arising from direct customer contact

Your Mail Centre can be entirely managed from home,  with no travelling,  and limited,  flexible hours. . .   making it an ideal business opportunity for women,  even those with a young family and children at home.

Franchise ideal for the retired or disabled owner

or as a retirement business

ideal, by design, for people with restricted physicality

Running an expost Mail Centre requires minimal physical effort and all of our bespoke mailsort furniture is specifically designed to be useable from standard wheelchair height.   Franchisee support is also available by live text chat and email for those with impaired hearing.

. . .why not call our development team for an informal chat on 0333 789 0011