a long, long, time ago...

. . .on the unremarkable kitchen table of an unremarkable terraced house in the remarkable county of yorkshire,  a mail forwarding business was born

Christened 'The Post House' by its proud expatriate owners,  this new little venture worked and worked,  with the help of a family friend,  for the next ten quiet and uneventful years.

Then,  one day in 2010,  a spanking new website and sprinkle of magic Google dust caused The Post House to sprout up overnight,  growing three fold within months!

Before very long,  those occasional trips to the local Sub-Post Office became a daily chore. . .   there were just too many shoe boxes to juggle,  too many addresses to jot down and oh too many stamps to lick!   The Post House needed new,  professional,  management and was packed off on a long journey to start a new life in West Wales.   The adventure had begun.


On arriving in distant Pembrokeshire,  its tired business model was restructured and the site was dressed in grown-up clothes.

The Post House settled quickly in its new home and flourished!   By mid 2014 new mailbox accounts were being added daily,  every one arising from a Google search and,  of course,  subsequent word-of-mouth referrals.

Something,  however,  was arresting its development.   We looked closely at the keywords and phrases used to find the business via Google and discovered that a majority of the 1,300 potential customers who visited the website each month had added some form of geographical filter to their searches. . .   people were looking for mailboxes with specific regional addresses!

It was also becoming clear that tending more than 200 active accounts was impractical and that some form of automated system would be necessary if the business was to blossom and achieve its true potential.

expost logistics limited...

In the absence of a crystal ball,  a business development plan confirmed the critical need for a software management system and clearly identified business format franchising as the only realistic means of meeting the untapped market demand for postal addresses in multiple town and city locations.

Private equity investment was secured and the newly structured business incorporated as Expost Logistics Limited in March 2015.

chapter two

and a new coming of age


Anticipating our planned franchise roll-out,  we launched the newly branded offering as a direct analogue for all future Mail Centres.

To make the exercise as realistic as possible,  the Mail Centre at Philbeach was operated completely independently from day one,  with all sales revenue and costs accounted for separately.   This produced a set of actual figures upon which all of our franchise performance projections are based.

building ProPost

Rapid Application Development of the new management system began in April of 2015 and,  by August,  we had incorporated its primary functions into the expost.uk website.

The benefits were immediate and dramatic.   Fully implemented at Philbeach for almost two years and now in its second version,  ProPost has dramatically streamlined all mail management and accounting functions,  reducing both handling time and labour costs by more than half.

Aside from simplifying mail log-in and despatch,  it is ProPost that allows customers to access and control their own accounts,  administers all sales transactions,  including payments. . .   issues automatic email notifications and flags unusual or suspicious account activity.   By fulfilling these otherwise manual functions,  the system has completely eliminated the limit to the number of accounts that can be managed by a single Mail Centre.

chapter three

a glimpse into the future

the expost app

The next step in our onward march is already in development.   This cross-platform mobile App will allow expost customers to view the contents of their mailbox and control forwarding at the touch of a screen. . .   and,  rather than download images,  read scanned letters directly from their own secure area of the cloud.