a franchise overview

an outline of the skills, commitment & property features that are necessary to run a successful expost mail centre

Franchised mail centre address example

the mail centre premises

its size, postal location, address & infrastructure

Because it is fundamental to the operation of the business,  you must either own the property from which you intend to run the mail centre,  or be able to show that you have security of tenure for at least five years in order to be considered for an expost franchise.

It is for this reason that your first step,  even if you are only just considering the opportunity,  should be to check the suitability of your proposed venue by submitting a Premises Assessment request.   Please note that no obligation is inferred by submitting the form!

( find the premises assessment form in the franchise application page )

your postal address

The primary feature of any mail centre premises is its postal address!   Whether you intend to operate from home or a commercial property,  it's surprisingly simple to adapt your address to make it appropriate for both business and private users.

Your premises must be in one of the main town or city locations associated with the territory. . .   the mail centre for the East Midlands territory,  for example,  could have an address in Leicester,  Coventry or Northampton.

( for a list of all uk territories and their associated town and city locations,  visit franchise territories )

working space requirement

Even for the largest of our proposed territories,  allowing for the bespoke modular frames that are used to sort and store your customers' mail,  the space necessary for a large desk,  a printer table. . .   and provision for higher than projected sales,  can be operated comfortably in one room of around  180ft²  (17m²).

For comparison,  a standard double bedroom would usually be between  200ft² and  220ft².

vehicular access

In addition to your normal Royal Mail postal delivery,  you can expect several courier drop-offs and collections each day as your business increases.   It is important that delivery vehicles are able to reach the premises and are not prevented from loading or unloading due to parking restrictions or regular congestion.


Because ProPost is hosted on our cloud servers and is accessed via the internet,  reliable broadband with transfer speeds of at least 2Mbps is essential.   You will also need a landline telephone and a mobile as an alternative means of contact.

why not communicate now. . .   call us for an informal chat at local rates,  on 0333 789 0011!

expost franchisee

the franchise owner

what you need bring to the partnership

skills & experience

Although no special skills,  or previous experience in the logistics sector,  is required. . .   a basic working knowledge of PCs  (using a browser,  email etc.)  and a general familiarity with the internet is essential.

The character traits we value most in any prospective franchisee are;   honesty,  diligence,  attention to detail,  self-discipline and the ability to manage time and effort effectively.

physical abilities

We have specifically designed the hardware and operational protocols necessary to run an expost mail centre so that the opportunity is open to all age groups,  people with limited mobility,  wheelchair users and those with hearing impairment.   Unfortunately,  the need to read addresses on incoming mail may preclude candidates with limited vision,  depending upon the nature and severity of their condition.

If,  for whatever reason,  you are unable to transport outgoing mail to a Post Office,  the Royal Mail offer a daily collection service.

dbs checks

We are charged with the security of the mail,  so we require all potential franchisees to give us permission to request a simple DBS (formerly known as a CRB) check.   If the franchise is to be held by a Company,  we will need this permission for all Directors and beneficial owners.

Please feel free to call our franchise team on  0333 789 0011 or email  development@expost.uk  for their advice.

dedicating the time

how many hours you'll need to commit

Because all sales,  marketing and live customer support is entirely the responsibility of our dedicated centre at Philbeach,  the time you will need to devote to operating a mail centre is surprisingly little!

daily schedule
receiving mail

In most areas of the country, the Royal Mail deliver by noon,  Monday to Saturday.   Courier deliveries,  however,  can arrive at any time of the day. . .   often as late as 7pm.   This needn't cause a problem because,  within the franchise package we provide a steel parcel locker (or a through-the-wall parcel chute where location dictates),  that is almost universally considered by couriers as a 'safe place' in which to leave deliveries,  especially out of hours.

mail processing

As you will read in the site,  we log-in and forward mail the day after it is delivered to the mail centre.   Your schedule will,  therefore,  be dictated by the time of the last Royal Mail collection at your local Post Office,  usually around 5pm,  and means that mail processing could be comfortably managed in the afternoons.

As a rule of thumb,  you will need to dedicate one hour each weekday for every 60 mailbox accounts held at your centre.

Who are the mailbox customers?